French SPAD SXIII Fighter

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By Crusader1307

The primary fighter of The French Army, The SPAD was considered one of the most capable and combat effective fighters of World War I. Developed in 1917, this fighter had a production rate of almost 10,000 made before the end of the War. Both America and Great Britain incorporated The SPAD as their fighters as well. Designed for 1 Pilot, The SPAD was 20 feet long with a (Multi) wingspan of 27 feet long. It had a 22,000 foot operational ceiling. The primary armament of The SPAD was twin “timed” .303 (converted) Vickers Machine Gun (for America) – and the 7.7mm package for France and Great Britain. There were 4 versions of The SPAD produced. The aircraft was very popular with other Nations after the war who were developing their own Air Forces.