French SEPECAT ''Jaguar'' Attack Fighter Jet

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By Crusader1307

The joint British-French ''Jaguar'' was an Attack-Fighter which was produced and deployed in 1973. The primary goal of The ''Jaguar'' was to provide close ground support from the air. The long lived Fighter, of which over 500 were produced was finally retired in 2014 by The National Air Force of Oman. Utilizing highly sophisticated avionics and weapons systems, The ''Jaguar'' was used by France during Operation: ''Desert Storm'' (Middle East, 1990). with great effect against the vaunted Iraqi Republican Guard. The British Air Force also used The Fighter in that Conflict as well. A Swept-wingspan of 29-feet, The ''Jaguar'' was piloted by (1). They measured 55-feet in length. They were powered by twin Rolls-Royce Turbomeca Adour Afterburning Turbojets, capable of producing 5,200-IBF Thrust each. The rated airspeed was Mach 1.1 (1,056-mph). The operational ceiling was 46,000-feet with a Mission range of 1,180-miles. Armament included (2) 30mm Cannon with a robust Missile and Rocket Package that varied on The Nation of use.. The ''Jaguar'' could also support Tactical Nuclear armaments as well.