French SA-342 ''Gazelle'' Helicopter

  • Cold War
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By Crusader1307

The ''Gazelle'' was a Cold War French Military Helicopter originally developed by The Sud Aviation Company. The design was the first to feature an enclosed rear rotor blade (Fenestron). Design models were used by not only The French, but Great Britain, Egypt and Lebanese Military.


Deployed as a multi-Mission craft, The ''Gazelle'' was used to transport as well as for ground attack support duties. Over 1,700 were produced beginning in 1967. They are still in service with some Nations.


Crewed by (2), The SA-342 and it's variations, measured 40-feet in length and was 10-feet in height. A tri-motor (with a 35-foot radius), The ''Gazelle'' was powered by a single Turbomeca IIIA Engine capable of producing 560-HP. It can support a speed of 190-mph. Operational range for The SA-342 was 225-miles. They can transport up to (5) Personnel along with Crew. The ''Gazelle'' has an operational ceiling of 5,000-feet and maintain a static hover of 1,000-feet for 15-minutes.


Armament varies for The SA-342, which includes – (2) 7.62mm Machine Guns with the capability to support various Rocket and Missile packages. The Model includes a robust Electronic Guidance System (VOR and TACAN).