French Potez 630 MP Fighter

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By Crusader1307

Designed and mass produced starting in 1936, The French built Potez 630 was an effective Multi-Purpose Fighter (Light) Plane which, due to France's Occupation by German Forces in 1940 - was delayed for deployment until after The Battle of Britain (again, 1940). The Potez 630 was a primary Fighter of The Free French Air Force and were used throughout The Air Campaigns of Europe from 1942 until 1945. Some captured Fighters were even adopted into German (Luftwaffe) usage. (4) Variants were deployed. The 630 Class of Light Fighter would also serve as a Trainer with The Free French Forces. Used by many Allied Nations in a similar role, many of the 1,300-odd War survivors would be used in peacetime roles as Transport Planes. It is thought none have survived past 1965.


Crewed by (3), The Potez 630 was 35-fee in length with a wingspan of 53-feet. Power came from Twin 14-cylinder Air cooled Rhone Engines, capable of producing 700-HP each. Rated airspeed was 265-mph with a combat range of close to 1,000-miles. Operational ceiling was rated to 29,000-feet. Armament varied, but typically The 630 was deployed with an impressive (12) fuselage and wing mounted 7.5mm Machine Guns. They could also deploy as many as (4) 110-lb. Bombs.