French Pluton Missile System

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By Crusader1307

The French ''Pluton'' Missile system was a Cold War Platform which was part of France's ''Force of Dissuasion'' (Deterrence) which deployed Nuclear Weapons for protection. The Pluton was a section of The Land Component (followed by Sea and Air). The Pluton was primarily a Mobile Launching System which (much like the typical Soviet System) – was a movable (track) Vehicle which could be placed in different Regions, launched and then moved again. The AMX-30 Tank Chassis was the most common moving platform converted for The Pluton's usage. The Missile could be configured to deploy 15 to 25-KT Nuclear Warheads with a vehicle (missile) speed of 1,100-mph (with a maximum effective range of 75-miles). A single staged Rocket, The Pluton could also be deployed as a ''Conventional'' (non-nuclear) device. Over 100 Plutons were produced and fielded between 1974 and 1994 (when The Class was decommissioned).