French Model 1950 19mm Pistol

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By Crusader1307

The French Model 1950 Automatic Pistol was first issued to The French Army in 1950, as it's standard firearm. Prior to The 1950 Model, The French army had not developed it's own ''self-produced'' (with any great number) – handgun since 1935 (before World War II) The evolutionary ''Cousin'' to Italy's Beretta 9mm Handgun, The French 1950 was popular during The French-Indochina War. Although initial production ceased in 1963, foreign licensing would continue until 1978. An estimated 120,000 Model 1950s may have been manufactured. Weighing less than 1-pound, The Model 1950 was a Clip-fed Hand Gun using the 19mm Cartridge. They were 7-inches in length, and were single-action trigger fired (automatic bolt locking ammunition). The maximum effective range for The Model 1950 was 50-meters.