French Mle 1950 LRAC 73mm Rocket Launcher

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By Crusader1307

Developed in 1950 for use by The French Army, The Mle 1950 LRAC was a 73mm reusable Rocket Launcher. It was based on The US M20 ''Bazooka'' 3.5-inch Launcher, used in World War II and The Korean Conflict.


Fired by a single Soldier, The LRAC weighed 15-pounds and was 4-feet in length. It fired a 73mm solid fueled Rocket with a TNT (300-grams) impact warhead. The weapons maximum effective range was over 3,000-feet. A trainer Shooter could deploy (4) rounds per minute.


The LRAC was rated to penetrate up to 11-inches of steel plating under battlefield conditions, which made it ideal to engage The Soviet T-34 Main Battle Tank.The LRAC also incorporated a steel Face Plate with viewing plate, which allowed for the Shooter to protect his face from the Rocket back blast.


Used by French Contingent Forces deployed to The Korean War (1950-1953), later Israeli Defense Forces adopted The LRAC for use. The weapon would remain in that Countries Arms inventory until 1978.