French M-45 SLBM

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By Crusader1307

Deployed by The French Navy, The M-45 is a Multi-Warhead, Re-Entry Ballistic Missile used within their Submarine Fleet. The Class of Missile was first put to Sea in 1996. A total of 192 M-45s are in use throughout The World. Related to The US ''Polaris''-Class of SLBM, The M-45 weighs 35-tons. It is 37-feet long with a diameter of 6-feet. A 3 Stage, solid fueled Missile – The M-45 has a 3,700-mile operational range when fired. A Tactical Weapon, they carry 110-KT of fissionable material. The Type is used only with The French ''Triomphant''- Class of Submarines (of which each can carry six such devices).