French Hohenlohe Infantry

  • The Napoleonic War
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By Crusader1307

The Hohenlohe were foreign recruited Soldiers who had served under French Dictator Napoleon I, in His quest to control all of Europe (early 19th Century). With his abdication from power (1815), most of these foreign born Soldiers still wished to serve France. They were massed into Hohenlohe Regiments (their name taken from German Prince and French Marshal Louis Aloysis, of Hohenlohe).


Unlike the Foreign Legion, The Hohenlohe (which were mostly Infantry Regiments), received a Royal appointed by the recently re-established French Monarchy. They would serve in many of France's Colonies, and even survived several ''power struggles'' from both The Monarchy and internal command coup's.


Determined front line Fighters, they were none for their prowess at close quarters combat, often refusing to yield or retreat. As learned from their years in Napoleon's service, The Hohenlohe would rather ''die to a Man'', than surrender or lose their Flag.


The Regiment donned a Medium Blue Uniform with Red Coatee, to set them apart from the traditional French Infantry Uniform of the Period. With King Louis Phillippe taking The French Crown (1830), He disbanded The Hohenlohe (becoming distrustful of ''foreign Troops''). Several Companies of Hohenlohe nonetheless were recruited in the standing French Army.