French Farman MF 7 Recon Plane

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By Crusader1307

The French Farman Aviation Works, MF 7 – was an early World War I Reconnaissance Aircraft – first flown in 1913. The MF 7 was used by both The French and British Flying Corps. and was a ''Pusher'' (Engine behind The Pilot) Class. Constructed of fabric and wood, The MF 7 was used mostly in Observational Missions early in World War I. By 1915 however, most had been regulated to Flight Trainers. In addition to The British and French Production Models, The MF 7 was also adopted by The Imperial Russian, Norwegian and Italian Flying Services. Crewed by (2), The MF 7 was 40-feet in length with a Bi-wingspan of 50-feet. Powered by a Single Renault V-8 cylinder Engine, an airspeed of 70-mph was achieved. The Airplane had a respectable operational ceiling of 13,000-feet. As an Observation Craft, they were not armed.