French Dassault ''Super Mystere'' Fighter Jet

  • Cold War
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By Crusader1307

The French Dassault ''Super Mystere'' was the first mass produced ''supersonic'' Jet created in 1954, with production beginning in 1956. The Model was discontinued in 1959 with 180 such manufactured. The Fighter saw it's first Combat Service with The Israeli Air Force during The Six Day War of 1967 and The Yom Kipper War of 1973.


The ''Super Mystere'' was Piloted by (1). Measuring 46-feet with a swept wingspan of 35-feet. They were powered by a Single SNECMA Atar Turbojet Engine (producing 9,920-IBF Thrust). Speed was rated at Mach 1.12. Operational Ceilings were measured at 17,000-feet.


Armament varied, but standard was (2) 30mm Cannons with Pod Packages for 68mm Rockets as well as Air to Air Missiles. Ordnance carried was up to 5,000-pounds.