French Dassault Etendard IV Fighter Jet

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By Crusader1307

The Dassault Aviation Companies first French built Fighter designed for Carrier based operations, The Dassault Etendard IV was a 1st Generation Fighter Craft first flown in 1958 (but cost overuns restricted it's deployment until 1962). It was not hugely popular with NATO (for export), but well taken by The French Navy. On 90 production Models were made until (2000). Based on proven Fighters with combat experiences in the then recent Korean War (1950-1953), The Etendard was a lightweight Fighter. All three Classes of French Aircraft Carriers used The Etendard Fighter for Naval operations, with (4) variations being designed. These would include Reconnaissance versions as well. The last Etendard that was retired in 2000 had 2,000-hours of flight service. Piloted by (1), The Etendard was 50-feet in length with s true swept-wingpan of 32-feet. They were powered by a single SNECMA ATAR Turbo Jet Engine with a 9,700-IBF Thrust capability, The average airspeed of The Etendard was 680-mph. It could range a respectable 2,031-miles with an operational ceiling of 50,000-feet. Armament packages varied, depending on Mission needs – but Twin wing mounted 20mm Cannon were standard. In addition, Pod attachments allowed for deployment of (18) 68mm Rockets (Ground Support) or multiple AIM ''Sidewinder'' AA Missiles. Over 3,000-lbs of Bombs could be supported by The Etendard.