French Dassault-Dornier ''Alpha'' Fighter Jet

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By Crusader1307

The French Dassault-Dornier ''Alpha'' Jet is both an advanced Trainer and Light Attack Fighter – first introduced into several European Air Forces in 1977. Germany as well fielded versions (and still uses them as Jet Trainers). A joint French-German venture, The ''Alpha'' was seen as a viable mass produced Jet during the later years of The Cold War. Piloted with (2), The Alpha is 45-feet long with a fix swept wingspan of 30-feet. Power is provided by Twin Turbomeca Larzac Turbofan Engines, each capable of producing 2,800-ibf. Capable of a maximum speed of 626-mph, the operational range of The Alpha is 1,800-miles with an operational ceiling (altitude) of 48,000-feet. Armament is variable with a single Revolving Mauser 120mm Cannon and the ability to support over 5,000-lbs of various Missile deployment packages. The Alpha was never designed for Tactical Nuclear deployment.