French Chasseur Regiments

  • The Napoleonic War
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By Crusader1307

The Chasseur Regiments were created by Napoleon for use in his "Grande Armee" during The Napoleonic Wars. There were two types of Chasseurs. An Infantry branch (A' Pied) and a cavalry wing (A' Cheval). They were highly trained and motivated troops. Instilled with constant training so as to be able to implement field formations extremely quickly, they also were used ahead of a main Army as skirmishers. They also served as Scouts for The Army. Unlike regular French Infantry, they were lightly equipped. With their speed and mobility, The Chasseurs were a classic example of Light Infantry, and were used with great effectiveness. Unlike a standard French Units, they wore somewhat form fitting uniforms and wore gaiters (or leather protective shoe and boot coverings).


They carried standard Infantry weapons. In their mounted form, unlike their more heavily armed (and flashy attired cousins of the regular French Cavalry) - their dress and accoutrements added to their speed. They preferred a "smaller framed" horse for their mission (unlike the larger cavalry-bred steeds seen in use). Chasseurs were used in many of Napoleon's campaigns. They were highly effective at Marengo, Spain (1800). The French and Belgium Army still uses a form of Light Infantry Chasseur to this day in their Armies.