French Char-Renault M1917 TSR Tank

  • Armored Fighting Vehicle
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By Crusader1307

Fielded in 1917, The Char Renault Command Tank was designed as a Command, Communications and Observations Armored vehicle. Equipped with two-way radio communications ability (radio and the ability to link up with existing Telegraph lines), The TSF established  communication between Field Units and Headquarters effectively. Although only 200 were produced initially in 1917, by the following year, some 500 were fielded. It took a 3-man crew to operate and use the communications gear. Weighing around 7 tons, The TSF had 3/4 inch steel plating for it's primary protection . It was a full tracked vehicle, and was capable of field speeds of 8 mph. The TSF had a fixed Turret to accommodate a movable Periscope. Radio communications equipment were also stored there. The TSF was normally not armed. The Command Model would survive into the early 1920s.