French ''Chacal'' - Class Destroyer

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By Crusader1307

The French ''Chacal'' – Class was a Destroyer Warship (or ''Jackal'') was a Class of French Warship, used for Scouting Missions. An Interim Period Warship (1920s), The ''Chacal'' would see most of their use in combat (World War II) during The Battle of France (1940). Of the (5) built, (3) were lost in that engagement. The surviving Vessels would be stationed of of Africa (Algiers). These would survive until 1954 with The French Navy, when the last (2) were scrapped. The ''Chacal'' – Class was 415-feet in length with a Beam of 40-feet. They displaced nearly 3,000-tons. Power was provided from Twin Gerared Steam Turbines which produced an impressive 40-mph. Crewed by 235 Officers and Men, The Class was armed with (12) 5-inch Guns, (2) 3-inch Guns and dual Torpedo Tubes in the 18-inch range. The Class could also support up to 50 Depth Charges.