French ''Bretange'' - Class Battleship

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By Crusader1307

The “Bretange” Class were “Super-Dreadnoughts” bust for The French Navy and used in World War I. They were among the first improvements designed to modernize The French Naval Service. Ship Building Firms in England undertook the Contract and (5) “Bretange” Class Battleships were produced between 1912 and 1916. Roughly 24,000-Tons, The “Bretange” Class were 550-feet long and stood (Beam) 90-feet. Powered by between (18-24) Boilers, these supported (4) Steam Turbines. Her Armored Plating ranged between 1.5 to 13-Inches throughout. “Bretange” Class Ships could achieve around 12-mph. Typical Armament for a “Bretange” Battleship were (10) 340mm Main Guns, (22) 6mm Guns, (4) 47mm Guns and (4) 18-Inch Torpedoes. Later by World War II, Seaplane launches were added as well. They could support almost 1,100 Crew. While used late in World War I (mostly for Blockade Duties), The “Bretange” Battleships came under scrutiny bu France's British Allies. Due to lack of replacements, France did not wish to actively engage The German Navy. It became so tense between Britain and France, that France was told by England to deploy them with The British Fleet – or they would be sunk. The “diplomatic debate” continued until Britain began to “attack” The “Bretange” Class Battleships (rather than seeing them fall into eventual German Control under The Vichy Government). All were destroyed save The “Lorraine” (who was stripped of her Main Guns, which were used as Coastal Batteries). Later “Lorraine”would be refitted and used as a Training Ship. She was decommissioned in 1953 and scrapped.