French Battleship ''Richelieu''

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By Crusader1307

Launched in 1935 by The French Navy, The Battleship ''Richelieu'' was a Lead Ship of that Class of warship. Deemed ''Fast Attack'' Ships, (4) in total were planned, but only (2) were produced. The ''Richelieu'' was launched in 1939, just before The Battle for France. She was deployed off The Coast of Africa (hence it was not captured by German Forces after the Fall of France. With ''Free French'' Forces (Army, Navy and Air Corps.) spread out among European Allies (mostly England), ''Richelieu'' fought in several early World War II Naval engagements, before being sent to The United States for modernization (1944). ''Richelieu'' would be deployed to Singapore to assist in the Liberation of that Island Nation from The Japanese (1945). A Training Ship after The War until 1956, She would be decommissioned in 1967 and sold to Italy. She was scrapped in 1968. ''Richelieu'' displaced nearly 40,000-tons, and was 250-ft in length. Her Beam (height) was 108-ft. Powered by (6) Steam Boilers and (4) Turbines. This produced an impressive 40-mph of speed. Crewed by over 1,500 Officers and Men, ''Richelieu'' was armed with (8) 15-inch Guns, (9) 6-inch Guns, (12) 3.9-inch AA Guns, (8) 37mm AA Guns and (20) 13.2mm Machine Guns. She also supported (4) Seaplanes. Her overall armor platine was rated to 13-inches.