French Battleship ''Dunkerque''

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By Crusader1307

The French Battleship ''Dunkerque'' was a Lead Class Warship of The French Navy, deployed in the 1930s. Although plans for more Ships were envisioned, none were produced after the initial Class Battleship. The ''Dunkerque'' were seen as the first ''modern'' Warships (Battleships) produced by France after World War I. In the early months of World War II, She was damaged and scuttled (Toulon, 1942). Raised by The Italians, ''Dunkerque'' would never be renovated to a point of ''sea worthiness'' She would be scrapped in 1955. ''Dunkerque'' displaced 26,000-tons. She measured 705-feet long with a Beam (Height) of 30-feet. Power was provided by (6) Boilers and (4) Steam Turbines. Rated speed was 34-mph. Crewed by 1,400 Officers and Men, ''Dunkerque'' supported (2) Floatplanes. Her armament included – (8) 13-inch Guns, (16) 5-inch Guns, (8) 1.5-inch AA Guns and (12) 52mm Machine Guns. Her overall armor plated ranged from 4.5 to 13-inches throughout.