French Battleship ''Charlemagne''

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By Crusader1307

The French Dreadnought ''Charlemagne'' was launched in 1895 and was the namesake of Her Class. (5) such ''Charlemagne''-Class vessels were eventually developed. During World War I, ''Charlemagne'' was a Troop Escort Ship and later was deployed to The Dardanelles. She was used to shell Turkish Fortifications and also did ''battle'' with The Imperial German Battlecruiser ''Goeben'' (1915). After The War, ''Charlemagne'' was placed into The French Naval Reserve, where she would remain until it was determined Her age made it too cost prohibitive to retrofit. He was scrapped in 1920. ''Charlemagne'' displaced 11,000-tons. She measured 387-feet with a Beam of 67-feet. Her Armor plating ranged from 2.2 to 12-8-inches throughout Her Superstructure and Hull. Powered by (3) four cylinder vertical triple expansion Engines (Steam), She could achieve 21-mph in open seas. Armament included – (2) 12-inch Main Guns, (10) 5.46-inch Guns, (8) 3.9-inch Guns and (20) 1885 Hotchkiss Guns. She also could support (4) 17-inch Torpedoes. ''Charlemagne'' also supported over 700 Officers and Men.