French Amiot 354 Bomber Plane

  • World War II
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

The Amiot 354 was the last French Air Force produced Medium Bomber deployed during The Battle for France against Germany in World War II. It was a twin-engined Medium Bomber first produced in 1934. Only 80 were produced of which there were 10-variants. Crewed by 4, The Amiot was 40-feet long with a wingspan of 75-feet. It was powered by Twin Gnome Rhone 14-cylinder Engines, capable of producing over 1,000-HP each. The Amiot had an operational ceiling of 32,000-feet, making it surprisingly effective for a Medium Bomber. It’s airspeed was 300-mph. The standard armament for The Amiot was (3) 7.5mm Machine Guns and (1) 20mm Cannon. They were capable of supporting 3,000-pounds of Ordnance. After The Fall of France, some Amiot Bombers were captured and pressed into Service with Germany’s Luftwaffe as Transport Planes.