French 84th Infantry Flag

  • The Napoleonic War
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By Crusader1307

The 84th Regiment of The Line (Infantry), was a pre-Revolution formed Regiment of The French Royal Army – raised in 1684. It Originally numbered 800 Officers and Men. The Regiment is best known for coming close to being completely decimated at The Battle of Graz (1809), when The 84th served under Napoleon Bonaparte.


The 84th held a position which ran through a local Cemetery near The Town of Graz (Austria). Wave after wave of Austrian Troops tried to move The 84th from their positions. After several hours, The Regiment had to retreat, suffering over 500 casualties. The Regiment would be reformed and retained by The French Army until 1859.


The Regimental Colors of The 84th was based on The French National Tri-Band (Blue, White and Red Stripes). As was tradition, Battles and Campaigns were embroidered into The Flag's White (Center) Stripe. In addition, for their bravery at The Battle of Graz, the phrase ''One Against Ten'' was inscribed (to detail the outnumbered Regiment that day).