• Medieval Era
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By Crusader1307

Felags were “societal organizations” or associations that a Viking was more or less expected to join. Warriors would “bond” into a close knit group, dependent of each others abilities and needs. This was important during long voyages, battles and basic survival. One of the Felag members would be singled out to be The Leader. It was his duty to ensure The Frelag operated smoothly. The term translates to “companion”. As such, one's “Frelag” was so important that even a situation that involved death had to be honored. Merchant men also formed Frelag's. This was important to make sure everyone was paid properly and that a fair price was gotten (or given). There was no option for “dropping out” of a Frelag. To not join one (or honor a Frelag member request) was unheard of and would result in death or exile.