Fortified Towers

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By Crusader1307

Towers are defensive structures used and seen in the early 10th Century, in castle or fortification building, to provide an overlook and attack point to an approaching enemy. Depending on size, small to moderate amount of Missile men (Archers and Crossbowmen) can be placed. Often (depending on type), different types of anti-siege weapons could also be installed and used. Although many had “specialized functions”, there were 4 primary design types:


The Round Tower – Also called Drum Towers, were easy to construct and took up little space (footprint). The were more resistant to Sappers (under Miners), and projectiles. Round Towers also provided reinforcement to the defensive wall system.

The Square Tower – Also known as Rectangular Towers. Being strong, they provided an easy target for under Mining (which could bring them down). They also afforded overhead coverage in some varieties.

The Horseshoe Tower Also known as “D” Towers (due to their shape). They were a combination of both Square and Round Towers. The semi-circular portion faced the enemy. These towers also afforded the best protection against Siege Engines.

The Polygonal Tower Also identified as Octagonal Towers. They also featured a rectangular or gabled roof.