Fort Ticonderoga

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By Crusader1307


An important Fort built on a commanding (and equally important position) – Fort Ticonderoga is located in Ticonderoga (Upstate New York). Controlling the mouth of The La Chute River (which provided access to Lakes George and Champlain, to also controlled shipping bound for The Hudson and St. Lawrence River Valleys. Constructed between 1755 and 1757 on an overlooking height, Ticonderoga was built in the famous Vauban-style by Canadian-French military Engineers. During The French and Indian Wars (in The Colonies), the Fort's French defenders (numbering 4,000) successfully stopped a British invasion Force of 16,000.


Unfortunately, they returned with a much larger Force and took Ticonderoga. During The American Revolution, a combined Militia Force attacked and captured the Fort from The British (taking most of it's cannon and transporting them overland by oxen, horse and mule). These guns would eventually be used against British Forces by Washington's Army. Losing control of the Fort again to The British (1777), they held the Fort for a final time until they abandoned it in 1781. The Star-shaped Fort featured Horn and Out Work design schemes in it's defense. 4 Main Bastion Towers were likewise constructed. Defensive perimeter walls ranged from 7 to 14 feet thick. Fort Ticonderoga also had a Dry Moat System (15 feet deep). 3 large garrison barracks were constructed along with multiple Storehouse (for munitions).


The Fort Bakery could produce up to 60 loaves of bread per day. A wooden Palisade was also built (outside of the massive stone walls), which also made use of the surrounding woodside – as a strong defensive/offensive line. The Fort could hold up to 400 soldiers. Laying abandoned and in disrepair, Nature took over Fort Ticonderoga from 1781 until 1848 (when local businessmen built a Hotel on the Fort's grounds). Realizing the historical importance of Ticonderoga to American history, private funding helped restore the Fort to it's original military appearance in 1909. Although a Registered National Historic Site, Fort Ticonderoga is administered (and funded) by Private Organization. Various Museums and Tours of the Fort are offered to Visitors.