Fort Saint Angelo

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By Crusader1307

This unique fortification is located in Birgu, Malta. It's initial construction is a mystery to historians – who place it at the 8th Century. It may have been constructed by The Romans or possibly Arabians. Some of it's foundation stone is from Egypt. It is documented as early as the 12th Century, when Emperor Frederick II made use of the fortress and renovated for defense. St. Angelo came under the control of The Knights of St. John (Hospitallers) in 1530 – and was used as their primary headquarters, renovating and building up it's defensive capabilities.


Artillery positions and cannon were also installed. When The Turks invaded and attacked Malta, St. Angelo withstood their assaults. After the Muslim invasions, St. Angelo sat unrepaired until 1690. Local Authority renovated the fortress and it stayed under Spanish control until French forces took it in 1798. The French added more artillery and emplacements. It also served as the primary headquarters for French forces in the region. British took forces over the over the fort next and deemed her a “stationary military vessel” renaming the fortress “HMS Angelo” (due to it's appearance of a ship built onto the land).


It remained an important fort for the Royal Navy and Marines until the fortress was turned over to The Maltese Government in 1979. St. Angelo sat in disrepair (despite massive amounts of funds being poured into the Fort to make it into a tourist hotel). A portion of the fort has been re-ceded back to The Knights of St. John Order in 2001. The Order and The Maltese Government are working together to renovate the fortress to resemble it's 15th Century appearance. Currently, no visitors are allowed.

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