Fort Harmar Garrison Flag

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By Crusader1307

First used in 1786, The US Congress was having problems keeping Settlers out of The Ohio Frontier. They were trying to maintain the Peace Treaties established with local Native American Tribes (which many Americans did not agree with). Ft. Harmar was built in 1784 and garrisoned with soldiers, assigned to keep Settlers from trying to “homestead”. The Fort's Colors were the traditional Upper Blue Canton with 13-Red and White Stripes. However, the White Star were arranged in a 4-5-4 pattern (center of The Canton). Instead of “chasing away” Settlers, The Harmar Flag had the opposite effect of causing them to “flock to the Fort”. Feeling that The Army would protect them (which it did), Congress would not enforce the Settlers to relocate. This would lead to the eventual establish of The State of Ohio.