Flottille de Boulgne

  • The Napoleonic War
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By Crusader1307

The Flottille de Boulogne was Napoleon Bonaparte’s “Naval” attack plan for his proposed Invasion of England in 1801. His plan actually began as early as 1796, when Napoleon was that such a tactic as a massive invasion Fleet might work. Studying how The Swedish broke the Russian stalemate at The Battle of Svensksund (1790), he gave orders to begin to construct his “Fleet”.
Based on Swedish Models, His Flotilla was to be made of small, Gundalow-Types of Vessels (made of reinforced wood) – and serving as “Gun Ships”. Each such Vessel would carry (4) Cannon and carry a Battalion of Infantry. The Flotilla would be supported by smaller Brigs and Prams (also heavily armed).
The Plan was suspended, but re-activated in 1804. However, The Flotilla did not have the desired effect of destroying any British Naval resistance. Although The French Flotilla actively harassed British Shipping and Military activity, the use of British Congreve Rockets would eventually make quick work of Napoleon’s Flotilla. By 1804, The Flotilla ceased it’s operations.