• Medieval Era
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By Crusader1307

A Medieval Occupation which actually was many Centuries older, A Fletcher often worked closely with a Bow Maker. His occupation was to manufacture Arrows for use with a Bow. Possession Carpentry skills, The Fletcher used a variety of equipment to fashion Arrows. As such, in War – Fletcher's were often recruited into an Armies Quartermaster to provide Arrows for an Army. Such tasks often required as many as (10) Fletcher's and a small “Army” of Apprentices to maintain a steady flow of Arrows. Straightness and proper “counterweight” via stabilization “Fletchings” (or Feather Quills) served as a form of Airfoil. The proper shaving of the wood body (Shaft) and proper shaping of The Fletchings (also known as “Vanes”), were important with regards to how far an Arrow traveled.

Just as important was the type of Arrowhead attached. Various forms of “Heads” were common in The Middle Ages. Each was used for a specific purpose (from punching through Armor, Mail etc,), to the ability to carry flame. Quills were placed in carefully notched or grooved lines at the back of The Shaft and sealed with animal fat based glues. A “talented” Fletcher and Crew could produce as many as 30 Arrows in 3-Hours. A larger Staff, hundreds. Whereas The Arrow was the once predominate battlefield weapon behind The Sword and Spear, A Fletcher was a position in high demand. The advent of Firearms spelled the eventual demise of The Fletcher, but not his extinction – by far.