Flags of The Tlemcen Kingdom

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By Crusader1307

The Tlemcen Kingdom (1235-1488) was a Berber Nation (now African Algeria), which existed in the 14th Century AD. A major trading Culture, The Tlemcen Kingdom was ruled by a Sultanate until it fell to The Ottoman-Turks in the 15th Century. Muslim by Religion, The Tlemcen adopted this on their Flag, of which there were (2) versions. Unlike most Arabic Countries, The Tlemcen did not adopt the ''Muslim Red'' color. The Filed of the Flag was Blue in it's entirety, and featured a White ''Crescent Moon'' (Centered), and facing to the Right. Later, prior to The Kingdom's demise, The Flag's Field was changed to all White, with The ''Crescent Moon'' changed to Blue. The ''Moon'' was reclined upwards, another interesting change.