Flags of The President of The United States

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By Crusader1307

The history of the Flag of The US President is as colorful as the flags themselves. It was decided with the first President (Washington), that The Office needed to be identified (as with most Heads of State). However, Washington was against any form of trappings that mimicked Royalty. In fact, Washington forbade the title of The Presidents Colors from being referred to as a "Standard". It was to he called a "Flag". The following are the histories of the Flags that evolved from 1789 to The Present.


1st Version: 
"Washington Flag"
The first unofficial Presidential Flag was based on Washington's wartime 1777 Headquarters Flag. It consisted of a Blue Field with 13 Pinfoils or 6 Pointed White Stars. It was used mire or less up to the 1850s.




2nd Version:
"1817 Presidents Colors"
Originally proposed to Congress, but for some reason, never adopted. The Flag was a Quarteted Field. The Upper Left Canton featured a Blue Field with 18 White Stars. The Upper Right Canton was a White Field with Full colored Eagle. The Lower Left Canton featured a White Field with a depiction of The Goddess of Liberty and The Lower Right Canton featured the 13 Red and White Stripes.



3rd Version :
"Army Regimental Colors"
From 1800 onward, The President was "identified by The Army Flag, or Regimental Colors. These were large Dark Blue Fields with featured a large Federal Eagle (surmounted by US Symbolism - Laurel Oak Leaf, Arrows of War etc). Into The Civil War of 1860-1865, The President alternated between this Flag and The Washington Flag.



4th Version:
"1898 Presidents Flag"
In 1898, it was determined to completely change The Presidents Flag. This was to avoid a common problem with his Flag amidst other Army Flags - they all looked alike! The Red Flag was a Red Field with 4 White Stars in each Canton corner. In the center of the Flag was a large Star featuring a Full colored Federal Eagle in a Blue Field. Encircling this large Star, was many smaller White Stars, each representing a US State.



5th Version:
"1912 Presidents Flag"
Due to The previous "Red Flag" being considered too "loud" and colirful, another attempt was made on his Flag. In the 1912 Version, the Flag was exactly the same as The "Red", except the colors were reversed. Now. Instead of a Red Field, a Dark Blue one was created. The center formerly "Blue Star", was now Red. All other imagery remained.



6th Version:
"1916 Presidents Flag"
"In a departure from previous versions, this Flag lasted until 1945. It featured a Dark Blue Field with a large Federal Eagle centered. All forms of US Governmental Symbolism were included. In each Canton corner was a White Star.



7th Version:
"Finalized Presidential Flag"
The final and current version of a The Presenters Flag (first flown in 1945), is a Dark Blue Field with a large Federal Eagle, centered. The Eagle and all other US Symbolism is in full color. Encircling The Eagle are (currently) 50 White Stars, representing each United State. This Flag is flown whenever The President is out on official Government business to represent The Office - NOT the man.