Flags of The Fenian Militia

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By Crusader1307

The Fenians were an Irish Republican political group which gained some momentum in Ireland in the 1840s. Their ultimate goal was to wrest control of Great Britain's rule of Ireland and establish a complete Irish self-rule. Branded Rebels, many migrated to The United States with the many crop famines in their Country. Many felt that by by the start of The American Civil War of 1861, they could form a ''proper Army'' and attack England through it's Colony of Canada. Thousands were recruited and equipped (by donations) – with military plans drawn up to invade Lower Canada.


The US turned a blind eye to The Fenian build-up in Upper New York State, largely due to England giving limited diplomatic status to The Confederacy. By the end of The Civil War, Fenian Forces actively invaded Lower Canada. Minor skirmishes as well as several major battles were fought between Canadian Militia and Fenian Forces. However, mounting pressure by England on The US to stop Fenian movements and supplies originating from New York finally took effect. US Military Forces stopped all re-supply and declared The Fenians a subversive group. These actions played a significant role in The Fenian failure to take large sections of Lower Canada.


The Fenian Militia used several types of Battle Flags, the most known being The Irish ''Harp Flag''. Fenian Militia also adopted a variant Flag based in part on The US National Flag. It featured (4) Stripes of Green and (4) White Stripes which featured on the entirety of The Field of The Colors. In the Upper Left Canton closest to The Host, was a Green Field which featured (32) Gold (8) point Stars. This was indicative of The Irish Fenians who came from all (then) United States in America. Another variant featured simply The Canton of Green with Stars (sans Stripes).