Flags of The East India Company

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By Crusader1307

Their Flag was originally (1678) a Field of 5 Red Stripes over 4 White Stripes. The upper Left Canton (White), featured The Cross of St, George. Changed in 1707, the “new” Flag replaced The George's Cross with the traditional “Union Jack”. Many Historians lay the blame for the “start” of The American revolution at the feet of The East Indian Company. Originally “awaiting” English control of India (for Spices and Tea importation), the difficulty in subduing Indian rebellion, caused The Company to begin to default on Stockholders profit demands. To bail out this “Corporation”, King George III began to enact (through Parliament), the now infamous Colonial “Tax Acts” (as a way of recouping financial loses fro England's “India Ventures”. The rest is (as is said)......History.