Flags of The 2nd Republic of Texas

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By Crusader1307

Texas, much as the then young United States, went through a myriad of different Flags and Banners to identify themselves as a "Republic" from Mexico. Conversely, they attempted several Revolutions before their final and successful venture at Independence.


As previously seen, The "Green Flag" - or 1st Republic Flag, was flown in 1813. It was not until 1819, that another attempt  (and Flag) was raised. Led by James Long, The 2nd Republic was identified by a solid Red Field. Centered, was a large White 5-pointed Star. Perhaps influenced by The Florida Republic Flag of The Era, it was one of the first examples of what would be known as "The Lone Star". Flown for barely 1-month before Mexican Forces broke up The 2nd Republic (and caused Long and his constituents to flee Texas for Louisiana), he would eventually return with yet another Flag version (made by his wife).


This 1821 version borrowed heavily from The National Colors of the United States. Featuring a 7 to 6 Red  and White Stripe Pattern for the entirety of it's Field, the Canton in the Upper Left corner was a Red Field bearing the White "Lone Star". This version lasted until 1824, before Mexican pressure caused it to be taken down.