Flags of Sudentenland

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By Crusader1307

Once a significant portion of what would later become Czechoslovakia (North, West and Southern Regions), it was settled by German speaking people's who also identified with Germany culturally. Hitler identified the Region as "Sudetenland". The Region was annexed to Austria after World War I and The Treaty of Versailles. The Treaty was a sore spot with Hitler. With Germany's rapid annexation policy of "lost" Territories from The Treaty, The Sudetenland fell under Nazi control in 1938. Prior to annexation, The Sudeten people crewed their own National Flag in support of National Socialism. A Tricolor, it featured 3 horizontal Stripes of Black, Red and Black. A supportive NSDAP Flag was used in conjunction with The National Flag. Identical to The German Party Flag, it's main difference was a Black circular border around The Swastika. Both Colors were abolished with the Fall of German Socialism in 1945.