Flags of Ned Lowe

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By Crusader1307

As we have read, Edward Lowe (aka ''Ned Lowe'') was perhaps one of Piracy's most infamous Captains. Perhaps even rivaling the exploits of Edward ''Blackbeard'' Teach. The English born Lowe was only active for 3 years off The Coast of New England (US), The South Atlantic and The Caribbean – but carved His name as both ''profitable'' Pirate and the most evil of tormentor of prisoners captured. Very few survived or were even offered to join His Fleet of only (3) Ships. Lowe delighted in torturing His captives once a Ship was captured (which He most always burned after pillaging). So evil in fact, several times His own Crew revolted against any further torments. Even His death is one of legend. Some say he survived the sinking of His Ship (with few other members), but would eventually drown at Sea. Others say that He survived to live (under an assumed name) – in South America (around 1724). Still some state that His own Crew finally dispatched Ned (no one can be sure). Ned used several recognized Flags during His short career. Originally, some state that He ''borrowed'' Blackbeard's personal colors (but may have been ''threatened'' against further usage). The two most used, was the first, an all Black Field. Centered on this, was a full formed Human Skeleton (painted Red). The other Color was known as The ''Green Trumpeter''. This was a Field of Green with a Yellow Huntsman, blowing a Horn. Said to be flown when Ned instituted a ''Captain's Call'' with His other Crews, some survivors of Lowe's attacks state that this was the only flag flown.