Flag of The US 1st Volunteer Cavalry

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By Crusader1307

Nicknamed “The Rough Riders” (due to their recruitment of Western and Plains Frontiersmen), this US Army Unit was under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel (and future US President), Theodore Roosevelt. As US Volunteers, they served during The Spanish-American War in Cuba in the late 1890s. Although Cavalry, they “charged on foot” during their famous assault up San Juan Hill. They carried this Regimental Standard. Modeled after the typical National Regimental Colors of the Era, as they were “Volunteers” their colors were yellow-gold (and covered the entirety of the flag body). A large Federal Eagle (in full color scheme) – was placed in the center. A red banner/ribbon was located at the bottom of the Colors featuring the name of the Regiment (1st US Cavalry). This Standard would have always been carried with The US National Flag (when displayed). By World War I, the use of Regimental Colors ceased to use the Federal Eagle design.