Flag of The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

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By Crusader1307

The Flag of The USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics), was born out of The People's Revolt of 1918-1919. Rallying against Imperial Russian Rule, The Communist Party took control of The Nation. Their Flag was originally a soliday Red Field. In1920, the symbolism of The Party was added. In the Upper Left Canton, a Gold Hammer and Sickle was placed (to show the conjunction of agriculture and industry). Above these symbols, was placed a single Gold, 5-pointed Star (to symbolize the Union of Soviet States, then and in the future). The Flag was a rallying point for The Russian people during World War II (during Nazi Germany's invasion of the Country). The Flag was also representative of the other Allies Powers of The War. Originally, after The Revolution after World War One, The United States did not recognize this Flag and still maintained The Imperial Flag as a diplomatic symbol of Russia. With the recognition of them not coming until World War II.
The Flag was used until The Fall of Russia's Communist Government in 1991. It was ironically replaced with a version of The late Imperial Tricolor (currently in use today).