Flag of The Turkestan Legion

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By Crusader1307

The Turkestan Legion was formed in 1942 as a German Army Infantry Support Battalion. It consisted of Turkish Volunteers to The German War Effort. The Battalion swelled in it's numbers to 16,000 Men at it's height (1943). The Legion (as it was originally called – was later renamed The 162nd Infantry Battalion was was used to Garrison then German Occupied Yugoslavia (which covered most of Modern day Croatia, as well as parts of Italy). Most of The Battalion was captured by British Forces and repatriated over to Soviet Union allies. In Russia, many of The ''Turkmen'' were imprisoned by Stalin for ''War Crimes''.


The Standard of The Turkestan Legion was a Field consisting of Twin horizontal Bars, which featured Red on The Upper and Blue on The Lower Field. Centered, was a traditional Hunter's Bow with loaded Arrow. This image was placed facing The Hoist of The Flag. On the Upper Left Canton, a White and Black Wehrmacht Insignia (to associate The Battalion with The German Army).