Flag of The Silver Legion

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By Crusader1307

The Silver Legion was an American Fascist, White Supremacy and Antisemitic Organization, influenced by The National Socialist Movement in Germany. Formed in 1933, The Legion was formed in The American State of North Carolina (supported by the infamous Ku Klux Klan). The Group spread as far as The State of California on The West Coast of America. Their name came from the Silver Uniform Dress Shirts they wore as well as WWI Army Campaign Hats. The Group ''claimed'' over 15,000 Members. They espoused a ''White Only'' Country, devoid of any other ''Races'' with Southern Christianity as their official Religion. In 1935, The Group built a 55-acre ''Headquarters'' (known as Murphy Ranch) – in hills above Los Angeles (Rustic Canyon). The Legion felt that this would be their ''World Base'' for the impending ''Race War'' which would be initiated by Germany and Italy's National Socialism advances.


With the rise of related ''American Bund'' types of radical organizations, The US Federal Bureau of Investigation began to pay more and more attention, gathering thousands of hours of surveillance and intelligence. On December 8, 1941, one day after The Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor – The Los Angeles Police and FBI occupied Murphy Ranch and arrested at least 50-members. The Legion was declared subversive and it lost it's momentum very quickly, no longer in existence by early 1942. The Flag used to identify The Silver Legion was a Silver colored Field in it's entirety. In the location of The Upper Left Canton near The Hoist was a large Roman letter ''L''. This represented the basis theology of The Legion – ''Loyalty to The United States, Liberation from Materialism and Loyalty to The Legion itself''.