Flag of The Republic of Maryland

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By Crusader1307

The Flag of The Republic of Maryland (Africa) was derived from the development of the course of action to take free or emancipated former African Slaves in The United States, and giving them their own ''Country'' in Africa – repatriating them back to what was perceived as ''their'' Country. This idea was championed by The American Colonization Society (which was founded in 1816). The newly created Nation of Libera (1822) was the first attempt to create a Homeland (into which 11,000 free Blacks were transported and established). The overall theory of such Colonizations was to apease a turbulent South and avoid Civil War. The Maryland Colonization Society (a sister organization), developed plans to created The Republic of Maryland (named for that United State). It was established in 1834 and was part of The Liberian Project. In time, The Republic was assimilated into the Greater Liberian Territory. Today they are known as ''Maryland County'' – with The Republic of Libera. The short lived Flag of The Republic (1834-1857), bore some resemblance to National Colors of The United States. It featured (6) Black Stripes and (7) Gold Stripes. The Upper Canton was a Blue Field surmounted by a White Christian Cross.