Flag of The Prophet Muhammad

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By Crusader1307

Muhammad Abdullah (Born 527 AD) became the “Founder” of Islam. Seen as The Messenger of Allah (God), he united much of The Middle East through religion and Civil War. The Main Opposing Force to his Authority (The Quraysh) were bolstering in Medina, and The Meccans of Mecca. Muhammad’s raised Army was such that he was able to conquer both and establish his ideals of Islam. During the Battles of Mecca and Medina (5th Century AD), The Forces of Muhammad carried The “Black Flag”. Centered  in the all Black Field was The Arabic Phrase “Muhammad, Messenger of God”. Others included Islamic Religious phrases of protection. Variations of Muhammad’s Flag would evolve into The Mahdist Wars of The 1880s and much later into the 20th and 21st Century, Radical Muslim Extremist Front.