Flag of The Polish Air Force

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By Crusader1307

The German Invasion of Poland in 1939, initiated The European portion of the start of World War II. Unable to withstand the massive onslaught of ''modern'' weaponry and coordinated tactics by The German Air Force and Army, Poland would fall. It's standing Army was no match. Many of those surviving Commands (especially The Air Forces), fled to first France and later Great Britain. Many of these Pilots were used in The French Air Force as associated Allies – flying with the short lived Free French Air Force, after Germany's occupation of France in 1940. After France, most were ''taken in'' by The British Royal Air Force and placed in special allied Squadrons (mostly displaced Countries Air Forces by Germany and those who had volunteered from nation still not yet at War). The Polish Squadron in England from 1940 to 1945 were part of the crucial Battle for Britain (fought in the skies of that Country to a fever pitch – also in 1940). The Squadrons identified themselves with a modified Pennant Flag, which was based on the former Polish National Flag. A ''Swallow-Tail'', Pennant – The Flag was a horizontal series of (2) Stripes (White over Red). In The Upper Canton portion of The White Stripe, was placed (in Red and White) – The Polish Aircraft recognition Flash, adjoined directly to it's Right with The Polish ''White Eagle'' (The National Symbol of The Polish Nation). After The War in 1945, and the re-establish of The Polish Nation – their Air Forces adopted a similar (but different) Service Flag (which is in service today).