Flag of The People's Liberation Front

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By Crusader1307

The Flag of The Peoples Liberation Army Front (Viet Cong), was a Political sub-divisions Color of The North Vietnamese Army. Not officially adopted until 1969, no set regulations governed it size or manufacture. As a consequence, most were hand-made and normally were 3 feet by 3 feet. Traditionally, The Viet Cong did not fly their Flag in battle, but was used to identify their larger Camps. Consisting of two horizontal Stripes of Red over Blue, there is some contention over their meaning. The Red is though to maintain their alliance with Communist Doctrine (of which Red was the dominate identifying color). Displayed over Blue, this color was seen to represent “Capitalism”, and The Viet Congs eventual victory over “Western Political influence”. Centered, was a large Gold  (sometimes Yellow), 5-pointed Star (another representation of Communist ideals). Some captured VC Flags showed a White Star. The Flag would cease to be used with the end of The War and the establishment of a Socialist Government.