Flag of The Order of The Trinitarians

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By Crusader1307

The Trinitarians are a Catholic Religious Order, formed in 1198 AD. Based in Paris, France, The Order was never an active ''Military'' Order, but were active in military operations that opposed Piracy and the ransoming of Christians. The Order served as purchasers of ransom demands – often raising funds from various Countries, to free those so ''captured''. The Order also had a Missionary depolyment in The Middle East and Africa. Their name was taken from The Christian ideology of The ''Holy Trinity'' (God, Christ and The Holy Spirit). The Order was identified by a symbolism and later Flag, which featured a Christian Cross of a Red Bar bisected by a Blue Bar. This symbol was placed on The Order's Mantle as well as it's Flag, which was a White Field in it's entirety. The Flag was often borne on Vessels serving in ''diplomatic missions'' to rescue captured Christians from Barbary Coast Pirates (Africa).