Flag of The Lebanese Commando Regiment

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By Crusader1307

The Lebanese Commando Regiment is a specialized Military component of The Lebanese Armed Forces. They are the primary Special Operations Unit of that Force. As Special Forces, The Lebanese Commandos were created to conduct covert/overt military tactics against Enemy combatants. Formed in 1966, like all other Special Forces Units throughout The World, The Unit requires the highest caliber of Soldiers. Highly trained, The Regiment also serves to maintain order within The County when needed.


The Service Flag of The Lebanese Commandos is a Black Field in it's entirety. Centered, is a fully colored Tigers Head in frontal, with a Sword piercing The Head from throat to skull top. This style is taken from the Heraldry term of a ''Bezzant'' (which imparts fierceness in combat). A surrounding series of Red Lines radiates outwards from The Bezzant. A Bannerroll in Arabic reads ''Commando Regiment''.