Flag of The Kingdom of Portugal

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By Crusader1307

Established in 1139 AD, The Kingdom of Portugal would fall under Moorish Control until The Reconquesta Period. Restored through War, it experienced many other internal strife until it became later The “Portuguese Empire” and later unified with Spain as a Vassal State. During The early Middle Ages, The Banner of Portugal was a White Field with a Blue Christian Cross. This symbol quartered The Flag. In each Cross quadrant was placed heraldic symbolism of Bezants (11) such in White. A Centered Bezant appeared in the Center of The Cross. The Bezants are attributed to The “Wounds of Christ” (5). Portugal was an early convert to Christianity and supported The Faith for Centuries thereafter. Other Sources cite that as long as The Bezants are present, Portugal will not fall. In 1248 AD, another version was of The Flag was created which incorporated the above Flag with a Red Border. The Border was filled with Gold Profiled Castles, which represented the large amount of Castle Fortifications found through The Kingdom. The Medieval version is still used as part of The National Colors of Portugal.