Flag of The Kingdom of Mercia

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By Crusader1307

First mentioned in the 5th Century AD, The English Kingdom of Mercia was one of three major early Medieval Fifedoms of it's Era. Although it maintained a strong Army, they could not withstand the constant Norse Invasions and would eventually fall under their control (Danelaw). Later, Mercia would again come under control of The Normans with their Invasion. B y the 11th Century, Mercia was absorbed into other nearby Kingdoms. The term ''Mercia'' is still used however when referring to The Region. The Flag or Standard of Mercia is often confused with that of The Scottish St. Andrews Cross Flag – which is also a Saltire. The predominant difference is that while The Andrew's Cross is White, The Merican Cross (named for St. Alban), is Gold. The entirety of The Field is Blue. The Jacobite Faction of the 17th Century also adopted The Mercian Flag as one of their Colors during their rebellion. In this case, no connection with Ancient Mercia was intended – rather, it was seen as invoking protection from Patron St. Alban.