Flag of The Irish Republic

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By Crusader1307

The ''Easter Rising'' of 1916 was a Conflict which involved Members of The Irish Volunteer and Citizens Army, who revolted against English Rule (Occupation) of Ireland (which had been in place for Centuries). Despite many previous attempts at Revolution, Irish ''Forces'' had amassed a small Army and took advantage of British Forces involvement in World War I to launch their most ''recent'' Revolt. The Rising (as it is best remembered), began ''Easter Week'' (seen as a High Holy Period for Irish Catholics and to a degree Irish Protestants supporting English Rule). A Force of 400 Armed Soldiers of The Irish Army took control of The Government Post Office in Dublin, Ireland. For a 6 Day Period, Irish Forces were besieged by overwhelming British response Forces (Military and Police). The GPO and other captured Buildings would fall – as would their attempt at Revolution yet again. It would unfortunately usher in a long period of Guerrilla Warfare, well into the late 20th Century known collectively as ''The Troubles''. The Flag used as The Irish ''Battle Standard'' was actually 2 such Banners, with the first being The ''Tri-Color'' Flag of Ireland (Green, White and Orange). However, The Rebel Flag is best remembered. A Green Field in entirety, stylized English Lettering spelled out ''IRISH REPUBLIC'' in a color merging of Orange and White. It was visible on both sides of The Flag. This Banner would remain aloft over The GPO even when the structure was on fire (with the roof eventually falling inward).