Flag of The Irish de Valeria Brigade

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By Crusader1307

As we have seen, The Easter Rising was a 1916 para-military engagement between Constitutional Irishmen wishing to extract Ireland from close to 1,000 years of British Rule. Eamon de Valeria, along with Patrick Pearse, (and others) formed The Irish Volunteers and on Easter Week of 1916, took over several key location in The City of Dublin, Ireland. De Valeria and His Irish Brigade took over a Mill (Bolland's) and began their armed resistance. Eventually, He and His soldiers were captured, imprisoned and faced a certain death penalty for Treason. Oddly, de Valeria was spared such due to increased Irish Citizen pressure (and perhaps England's way of ''calming the situation''). He would be set free and go one to served in various positions of Public Government, including twi Terms as President of Ireland.


During The Rising, His Brigade carried their own Banner, which was a basic Irish Tri-color. This was a Field of three vertical stripes of Green, White and Gold (from The Hoist to The Fly). An image of de Valeria was placed Center, surrounded by a series of Gold Bannerolls. These featured phrases which identified The Brigade's name and their Sian Fein affiliation. Although many reproductions have been brought forth, the original Flag was thought to have been burnt by The British when de Valeria was captured.